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An engagement ring should be as unique as love. It stands for an important and emotional step in the lives of two people. And for that, only the perfect ring is good enough. Bucherer is happy to help you find exactly the right diamond ring, or to make one exclusively for you.

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You can try on engagement rings in relaxed surroundings at Bucherer stores and obtain advice from a diamond specialist. Contact our concierge and arrange an appointment.

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The four Cs

the quality criteria for diamonds

The diamond is a unique gift of Nature. Its value is determined by four criteria, known collectively as the four Cs. Three of these characteristics are given by Nature, but the fourth is entirely in the hands of skilled gem cutters. 

Solitaire 1888

Unique solitaire diamonds, named after the year in which Bucherer was founded, are lovingly finished in our own workshops. They combine timeless design with the most precious of all precious stones in a six-prong platinum setting.