4 Apr, 2018 · Magazine When dreams come true … For love, precious and eternal.

The circle: the most perfect shape. The ring: the most beautiful symbol representing the bond between two people in love. The ring encapsulates magic that is endless and that begins anew at each point – a symbol of eternity and permanence. An engagement ring is the most meaningful and, at once, most emotional symbol of the moment when one commits to another, for a life together, for a lifetime. And it is one of the most beautiful and most enduring traditions to memorialise this unforgettable moment with an exclusive diamond of lasting elegance. Proclaim your precious promise with this gem in a unique setting – as unique and precious as your love and commitment to a life together.

The Men’s Guide

An engagement ring is a significant piece of jewellery in a woman’s life. She will often wear it every day, and it becomes a vital part of her. For this reason alone it is crucial to select the right ring carefully.

1. Is she Ms Right? You want to spend your life with her, and there is no one like her? Then, propose to her.

2. Take note of what she wears and of her style, then budget accordingly.

3. For creative types: create a mood board – for example, with images collected from Pinterest.

4. Find out her ring size. The best way is to look at the rings she already has.

5. Let yourself be inspired in the real world and online. At www.bucherer.com or come by for a personal meeting.

6. Make a decision and buy the perfect ring.

7. Plan an extraordinary proposal and look for the perfect moment.

Bucherer will gladly advise you personally on the right ring and ring sizes at our stores, where our experienced and gemmologically trained staff will assist you in all questions and considerations when it comes to choosing the perfect engagement ring. If the ring’s size should have to be adjusted later on, our in-house goldsmiths will take care of it reliably.

Beauty that comes true

Brilliant, cushion, princess-cut ... solitaire or entourage? Just as love is many-faceted, so are the different types of diamond cuts and ring designs. Let yourself be inspired to ensure that you are holding the most beautiful ring when you ask for your sweetheart’s hand in marriage.

Cut – When it comes to cut as a criterion for quality, experts consider not only the shape of the stone, but also the quality and the proportions of the cut. The cut is the only criterion that humans can influence, and Bucherer accepts only faultless quality.
If a compromise has to be made due to budget but the size of the stone is not negotiable, we recommend choosing a slightly lower grade in terms of colour or purity. Only a professional will see nuances in the colour and purity, but a bad cut can be noticed by anyone.

Clarity – The fewer internal inclusions a diamond has, the clearer it is, and the stronger its reflection or radiance. Flawless diamonds are extremely rare, and are therefore precious and popular. When it comes to clarity as a quality criterion, Bucherer recommends selecting a stone with a purity no lower than Si1. For diamonds of lower purity, the inclusions interfere with the path of light through the diamond, and the stone therefore loses brilliance.

Colour – In a tradition going back many years, the colour of a diamond is allocated a grade from D to Z. The highest colour grade is denoted by the letter D; the lowest grade by Z. In the trade, diamonds with a colour grade from D to H are called white diamonds. From grade I, the stones have a visibly yellowish hue. White diamonds are extremely rare, and therefore very popular.

Carat – The weight of diamonds is measured in carats (abbreviated to “ct”). One carat is equivalent to 0.2 g. All other factors remaining equal, the value of a diamond increases exponentially with its weight.
A brilliant-cut diamond weighing 1.0 ct has a diameter of 6.5 mm, if it has been well cut.