31 Jul, 2017 · Magazine A modern layered look

Necklace layering is currently one of the top jewellery trends. Combining and layering gold necklaces is particularly easy, and creates a versatile and individual look.

Plain gold jewellery can often look quite simple, and it is this simplicity that makes it so versatile, as the possibilities for combining gold pieces with one anther are almost endless.


Necklace layering – wearing several necklaces of different lengths on top of one another – is currently a huge trend. White gold and rose gold also make a wonderful combination. Pendants can also be added to each necklace to create a truly modern look.

What makes the gold necklace particularly versatile is the fact that it can be worn alone or in layers, and also as a bracelet. With different combinations and various ways in which to wear it, you can create endless new looks with just a single necklace.