An icon is reinvigorated

Icons are not born overnight. They impress with their skills, charisma and appeal, inspiring people across generations. This is also true for watches – and one such icon in the world of timepieces is undoubtedly the legendary Ingenieur from IWC Schaffhausen.

Back to the roots

The watch’s legendary journey continues to this day. IWC Schaffhausen presented the completely redesigned Ingenieur line at this year’s 75th Goodwood Members’ Meeting, a historic motorsport event held in the south of England and thus the perfect stage for the new collection inspired by the design of earlier generations.

Stopping time in its tracks

The Ingenieur Chronograph also brings the spirit of the 1950s and the era’s enthusiasm for technology to the present day. It is powered by the new IWC-manufactured 69375-calibre movement with a bidirectional pawl-winding system and a 46 hour power reserve. The character of the chronograph is emphasised by the tachymeter scale and stainless-steel case with a polished bezel. Two versions are available with a stainless-steel case and bracelet: one with a silver-plated dial and gold-plated hands, the other with a blue dial and rhodium-plated hands. A third version has a case made from 18-carat red gold, a slate-coloured dial, gold-plated hands and a black alligator leather strap. The glass back cover of all three versions also provides a view of the latest IWC-manufactured calibre, decorated with Geneva stripes and circular graining. And for all of those wanting to stop time in its tracks, the timepiece has a stopwatch function with hours, minutes and seconds.

“Bucherer and IWC share a long tradition”

Arjan Koelewijn is one of Bucherer’s in-house experts for IWC. The Dutch native manages the IWC boutique at Bucherer’s main store in Lucerne. He believes that the two companies fit together perfectly because they share not only a long tradition, but also a passion for watchmaking and a love of their craft. Arjan Koelewijn is well aware that the partnership between these two companies goes back 20 years. 
The Bucherer expert knows every last detail of IWC’s entire collection of watches. The new Ingenieur Chronograph is his personal favourite. Arjan Koelewijn wears the model in red gold with a slate-coloured dial and a black alligator leather strap, which he appreciates for its sporty yet elegant look. He thinks the 1950s design is a cult classic and the mechanism inside it is legendary: it shows the time with absolute precision. It would take a lot to make these robust watches miss a beat. Watch the video interview with Arjan Koelewijn to find out which other watches the IWC boutique manager recommends for the modern gentleman, and what the five-star service Bucherer and IWC offer their customers is all about.

“IWC combines confident elegance with a sporty touch and sophistication”

With these words, watch specialist Max Reidy has captured the essence of the Schaffhausen watch manufacturer’s qualities. Many different situations in life call for reliable technology. Max Reidy has the new IWC Ingenieur collection at hand for these very situations. This watch draws its inspiration from the 1950s, the decade in which it was developed, and the engineering boom of that time in the most beautiful way possible, says the expert. Engineers revolutionised industry and technology to advance human progress. IWC wanted to pay tribute to these forward-looking efforts with a very simple but technically perfect watch. The complication they focussed on was the chronograph function, 
but a few sophisticated new models were also added to the collection in 2017. In our video interview, Max Reidy talks about which other IWC watches he raves about.