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Re-experience the history of time

Bucherer opens boutique for Certified Pre-Owned watches
Following the successful launch of the Bucherer Certified Pre-Owned concept, Bucherer is opening the first stand-alone boutique for pre-loved timepieces in Munich. Whilst enjoying views of the opera house and the prestigious Maximilianstrasse, guests here can quite literally delve into the chronicles of time. Customers can purchase pre-owned watches in confidence thanks to Bucherer’s many years of expertise or sell or trade in their own.

Unique watches meet a unique ambience

Munich's ultimate location for pre-owned watches
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A place for kindred spirits

In the private ambience of an apartment bathed in light, watch aficionados can discover a new highlight at Residenzstrasse 11 in Munich. Directly overlooking the opera house plaza, Bucherer’s new boutique offers a first-class selection of Certified Pre-Owned watches. A fresh contemporary design with local influences invites you into a tasteful lounge atmosphere. Guests can discover pre-owned watches and hand over their own pieces to an in-house watchmaker for inspection for a potential sale or trade-in. Offering a bar and hosting events with selected watch experts, the Bucherer boutique in Munich provides a place for kindred spirits.

Discover timeless masterpieces

Continue the story
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Yours to be continued ...

Be it a watch from the year someone was born or a personal highlight such as a wedding day, school graduation or promotion – in the Bucherer Certified Pre-Owned boutique, you can find timepieces with which you can associate very special moments. As true witnesses of their time, they commemorate emotional events from the past while setting the pace for the future. Write a new chapter in the story of the watch – either for yourself or as a personal gift for your loved ones.

The meaning behind Certified Pre-Owned at Bucherer

Tradition redefined
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Eternal values

At Bucherer, “certified” is more than just a word. Looking back on a history and market presence spanning more than 130 years, the company stands for tradition, reliability and first-class service like no other. In-house watchmakers conduct a technical inspection on all pre-owned watches to check for any hidden defects. Every watch, without exception, is opened, serviced from top to bottom and, if necessary, repaired. By giving their signature, the watchmaker certifies the excellence of the product. That is why every Bucherer Certified Pre-Owned watch comes with a two-year warranty.