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Shades of Spring

Get inspired by the energy of the season
Bucherer Fine Jewellery lifts spirits with its striking coloured gemstone jewels. Perfect for spring’s vibrant attire, delve in Pastello’s rare colour palette inspired by the beauty of nature, pay tribute to the first rays of sun with Variato’s eclectic sapphires, rejuvenate with Peekaboo’s youthful energy and push the limits with Dizzler’s bright fancy-coloured sapphires.

Discover the best of colour

Highlighted by finest craftsmanship
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Pastel coloured and bright gemstones take centre stage in contemporary and innovative jewellery designs, perfect for spring's vibrant attire. With a heritage that spans over a century, our coloured gemstone experts continue the legacy of highlighting the finest gemstones. Fusing artistry and impeccable craftsmanship, the finest gemstones are set into each design with the utmost care for detail.

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Perfect shades with Pastello

Designed for those who find strength in nature, Pastello's colour palette presents a delicate luminosity and subtle contrasts with a rare display of perfectly combined pastel-coloured sapphires. Immerse yourself in the glowing warmth of the collection’s hues and discover a radiance, reminiscent of natural wonder.
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Master versatility with Variato

Pay tribute to the first sun rays and the colour variety of spring with Variato's bright fancy-coloured sapphires. A true master of versatility, the collection’s innovative rings can be transformed by a simple twist to create a new look. Explore Variato’s endless possibilities to find your perfect match.
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Joie de Vivre with Peekaboo

Seize these spring days with Peekaboo's youthful colour palette. An array of pastel-coloured gemstones in powdery hues hero the collection's jewels. Cuts especially developed for this collection bring out the most captivating sparkle as well as the gemstone’s unique colour. Discover Peekaboo’s intriguing varieties and find your perfect combination of cut, colour and alloy.
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Push the limits with Dizzler

Capture the springtime essence and bring expressive rebellion to your everyday. Discover Dizzler's innovative rotating function and experience its dazzling display of colours. Incorporating the playful and imaginative powers of its wearer, the Dizzler rings featuring striking fancy-coloured sapphires are perfect to show your true colours.