Deconstructing the Complexity of Time by Patrick Möckesch
Artist Patrick Möckesch created a series of galactic images, entitled Cosmic Constellations, and painstakingly deconstructs intricate timepieces and captures their extraordinary detail through macrophotography. Möckesch’s work explores the significance of the universe as the origin of time through a cosmos of moving parts created to measure and tell time. As a intersection of beauty, technique and intricacy, this cosmological imagery seeks to elevate the art of Haute Horlogerie watchmaking to astronomical levels.
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Where Precision Meets Art

The inspiration behind Cosmic Constellations stems from the very concept of time. “If I think about time”, Möckesch says, “my thoughts inevitably guide me to the source of everything: the universe.”

He explains: “The parallels between clockwork and the universe are surprisingly obvious. Mechanical watches have always represented an extraordinary measurement of importance and appreciation of time.”

The deconstruction of luxury watches illuminates this importance. “Wristwatches use high specialised precision mechanics to make you feel a whole world of emotions, and Haute Horlogerie is the top of the mountain for any aficionado.”

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Paralleling the Watchmaker’s Perfection

Patrick Möckesch is an artist and photographer, who often finds inspiration in the “perfection” and underlying significance of the inanimate. Möckesch believes that Mechanical watches have always represented an extraordinary measurement of the importance and appreciation of time.” Using the intricate mechanisms and impeccable detail of Haute Horlogerie he challenges our perceptions of space and time.