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The look of love

Choosing the perfect ring
Regardless of where or when you propose – at a candlelit dinner, while on a romantic holiday or at home on the sofa: you will need just the right ring when you pop the question. There are no hard-and-fast rules for picking out an engagement ring – just personal preferences. And yet many people struggle to find the right ring. An ornate design, a very simple one or rather something extraordinary? A big stone or a small one? From the diamond to the setting and material, there are quite a few questions to answer when choosing the right ring creation. Visit us at one of our Bucherer stores – we would be happy to advise you.

Here are a few of our most beautiful models for future newly-weds. When choosing an engagement ring, think ahead and remember that it should match your future wedding band. The Joy engagement rings by Bucherer Fine Jewellery combine perfectly with an alliance ring.

Take heart and let the elegant rings in the Bucherer Fine Jewellery collection inspire you.

High-class friends: this unique collection is sure to dazzle and delight

Are you looking for a timeless classic with elegant details? Then this creation is perfect for you. The Joy Six solitaire ring crafted in 18K white gold features an enchantingly exquisite brilliant diamond. The simple design makes this ring a contemporary classic. Make a dazzling statement with Bucherer Fine Jewellery’s high-quality diamonds cut by master craftsmen.

Blue wonders: eye-catching, sparkling diamonds

Are you looking for an extraordinary ring with a dash of colour? With this masterpiece, your proposal is sure to be a brilliant success. This 18K white gold ring can hold countless wishes and promises, and is the perfect way to mark the special moments in life. The exquisitely shimmering 18K white gold in combination with the bold colour of the round-cut tanzanite looks truly elegant and underlines the bride-to-be’s individual personality. The 40 brilliant diamonds are set in an entourage around the blue gemstone like little stars, shining almost as brightly as the eyes of its owner.

Dazzling jewellery creations for emotional moments

From enamoured to engaged and beyond: this ring is perfect for brides who love unique creations. The Joy Garni Entourage solitaire ring crafted in 18K white gold complements the individual personality of its wearer. This romantic model features an impressive entourage of a sparkling brilliant diamond and 34 decorative diamonds adorning the ring. The one-of-a-kind Joy engagement rings fit perfectly with an alliance ring or one of Bucherer’s classic wedding bands.

Shining stars: our top choices for romantic rings

Are you looking for the most beautiful selection of rings for the perfect proposal? You cannot go wrong with a classic ring and exquisite details because these elegant pieces of jewellery are always the height of fashion. We have put together an exclusive selection of our elegant companions. You will find the right piece of jewellery for every ring finger here: from the classic elegance of the Joy ring to the exquisite Joy Garni Entourage and the timeless Joy Garni model. These enchanting engagement rings never go out of style. What is more, the stunning models combine perfectly with an alliance ring.