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A Parisian jeweller since 1780 Chaumet quickly became the official purveyor to Empress Joséphine. The Maison’s history has been interlinked with the history of France ever since. At the heart of Place Vendôme the jewellery virtuosity of Chaumet is passed down from one workshop head to the next. Reflecting this know how, the jewellery and watchmaking creations express their uniquely Parisian identity with character and grace.

Bee My Love.

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Bee My Love Collection

True to its naturalistic tradition, Chaumet celebrates a living and symbolic flora and fauna. In the Chaumet gardens, gold bees buzz around hives honeycombed with diamonds, while ears of wheat, laurels and hydrangeas flourish in precious profusion.
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At its origins lies the love story between Napoléon and Joséphine, the timelessly modern couple comprising a strong willed woman and a powerful man passionately in love with each other. For them, the Maison created its first sentimental jewels. Remaining true to its history, Chaumet places happiness at the heart of its creations, punctuating couples’ lives with precious milestones From tiara to wedding ring, from the traditional solitaire to the aigrette ring that crowns the finger as Napoléon crowned Joséphine, with Crown Your Love, the wedding, that founding ceremony of the Maison’s identity, is celebrated by the Chaumet creations.

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Liens Collection

Symbolically, the link is this thread that attaches two beings and draws their destiny closer. It surprises us in its relation to the other, the others, to the world and even to itself. The affective and sentimental dimension of the jewel emerges here, marking the important stages and experiences of a life.
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Joséphine Collection

A precious echo of the woman who inspires it, the Joséphine collection perpetuates the graceful and elegant style of the Maison. An alliance of delicate drawing with flamboyant stones, this collection revisits nearly 240 years of expert tradition with contemporary creativity.

Chaumet Jewellery

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