Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross is a luxury watch manufacturer that has grown into an internationally renowned global brand within the space of 20 years. Our watches are bred out of passion and from a desire to equip individuals in extreme professions with timepieces that are equal to the most demanding and unconventional tasks. Like military personnel, we attach importance to the highest possible quality, ruggedness and precision. Bell & Ross works side by side with military and civilian pilots to develop timepieces which in terms of reliability, legibility, precision and functionality meet the most stringent demands. Thanks to its headquarters in Switzerland, our brand benefits from the culture and expertise provided by two distinct sources: French flair in the luxury sector and Swiss watchmaking tradition. Our watches are made in Switzerland, which is our guarantee for reliability and quality. The key to our success can be found at the heart of our logo: there we find the ampersand that symbolizes the fusion of expertise at Bell & Ross. We attach enormous importance to establishing a balance between our four main areas of expertise: design, watchmaking, engineering and the active involvement of professional users.

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