In the name of love

There are moments in life when we fail to find words for our feelings. The strength of our love, the happiness we feel, or the depth of our gratitude is so great that only a symbol can express our emotions. For these moments full of love, Bucherer is there for you.

Bucherer stocks an exclusive selection of fine-quality jewellery and beautiful rings for life’s special occasions: engagements, wedding and marriages, births and christenings, birthdays and other anniversaries.

Pay a visit to one of our stores and be enchanted by the entire range.

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An engagement ring should be as unique as your love. Find the perfect one with Bucherer.

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Diamanten geworfen

The four Cs

the quality criteria for diamonds

The diamond is a unique gift of Nature. Its value is determined by four criteria, known collectively as the four Cs. Three of these characteristics are given by Nature, but the fourth is entirely in the hands of skilled gem cutters.

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You can try on engagement rings in relaxed surroundings at Bucherer stores and obtain advice from a diamond specialist. Contact our concierge and arrange an appointment.