12 Oct, 2017 · Magazine Daily Treasures

These stunning pieces evoke a feeling of contentment. Over the last few years, jewellery has become our best-loved companion on the streets of this world and it is nigh on impossible to imagine life without it. We wear it almost every single day and yet it still remains a mere supporting actor that receives far too little attention. We open up our jewellery box to reveal the autumn and winter trends from the Bucherer Fine Jewellery Daily Treasures collection, and introduce you to Sindi Arifi and Lisa Hahnbück, two passionate bloggers who embody our philosophy with their spirit and modern lifestyles.

Daily Treasures

Discover the Bucherer Fine Jewellery Daily Treasures collection.

Y-shaped necklaces

The letter Y is an ancient symbol shrouded in mystery that influences and enthuses even architects, artists and our jewellery designers in Lucerne time and time again. We encounter it in the broadest of guises both during everyday life and in the virtual world. It is therefore unsurprising that this visually elegant character has become a recurrent element in the Daily Treasures collection.