Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue

The Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue is the perfect fit for the Bucherer BLUE EDITIONS collection. Traditionally, blue has always been the “Tudor colour.” It first appeared in 1969, when the watch manufacturer launched the Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner 7021 with a blue dial. This blue served as inspiration for the choice of the colour tone of the new model. Even the design itself – the dial and the domed glass – is reminiscent of the first Tudor diver’s watches. In the 1970s, these watches were manufactured in large numbers for the French marine corps. The characteristic element of the Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue is its eye-catching, bronze-coloured case. Choosing this metal, a durable alloy of aluminium and bronze, allows for a subtle, unique patina that reflects the routines of the wearer, turning the piece into a highly personal collector’s item.