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Garmin has been synonymous with reaching targets ever since it was founded over 30 years ago by GPS pioneers Gary Burrell and Dr Min Kao. Each and every day, Garmin helps pilots, mariners, drivers, athletes and outdoor enthusiasts navigate with pinpoint accuracy – because Garmin knows the meaning of precision. Garmin’s products are worn when climbing the highest peaks, conquering the coldest poles and exploring the hottest deserts – because Garmin never compromises on quality. Garmin knows that wristwatches are also a reflection of their owner – which is why Garmin watches are always expressive and elegant in their design. A Garmin is like no other watch.

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Marq 2 Collection

Introducing MARQ — the second generation. Five modern tool watches crafted from Grade-5 titanium, with stunning AMOLED touchscreen displays and traditional button controls. Designed as expressions of your ambition and passions in life, these five watches are trusted aids for any pursuit.

Our reputation for durability and precision is built on the exploits of countless pilots, sailors, explorers and athletes who have trusted our products with their lives in the most challenging places on Earth. We repay their confidence with strict procedures, processes and testing. The MARQ tool watch collection is made by Garmin engineers with total control over the creation and assembly of each watch.

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Approach Collection

We’ve got your game with Approach series that integrates the critical information and mapping you need in full colour on your wrist, thanks to its easy to read touchscreen display. Improve your score thanks to the new Virtual Caddie feature, which considers wind conditions and your past swings to suggest the best club for the next shot and even where to aim. Be fully aware of everything that you want to know on the course: the wind speed and direction, the hazards on the hole, as well as adjusted distance on uphill and downhill shots with the PlaysLike Distance feature. Stay on your game by using the built in AutoShot game tracking to measure and automatically record detected shot distances, and pair your watch with compatible Approach CT10 club tracking sensors for more automatic game tracking capabilities.

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vívomove Collection

Elevate your look with the vívomove® series. This hybrid smartwatch combines traditional analog style with smart features. When you receive text messages and other notifications delivered to your wrist, just swipe, and real watch hands move to reveal a hidden touchscreen display. A variety of health and wellness features lets you track everything from stress to your body’s current energy level. When you want to get moving, connect to the GPS on your smartphone to track outdoor walks and runs. vívomove Style and Luxe versions feature premium materials, a full-dial colour touchscreen display and Garmin Pay™ contactless payment solution. Get up to five days of battery life on a single charge - and an additional week in watch mode - so you can keep up with your busy life.

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Instinct Collection

Whatever you do, own it with Instinct 2 series. These rugged GPS smartwatches are tough enough to keep up with you and unique enough to fit your style. Plus, the Instinct 2S Solar and Instinct 2 Solar feature solar charging that gives you unlimited battery life in smartwatch mode so you can take on life’s unlimited possibilities. Do more of what you love with preloaded activity profiles for running, biking, swimming, strength training and more. Live the ultimate connected life with smart notifications and Connect IQ™ compatibility. Understand your body better with all-day health monitoring for energy levels, stress, sleep, Pulse Ox and much more. Also, featured are Surf Edition with tide data and dedicated surfing activity, and Camo Edition with a distinctive camouflage design that let you show the world that you do things your own way.

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Fenix Collection

There are 7 days in a week. And the fēnix 7 series multisport GPS watches are built for all of them. Meet any athletic or outdoor challenge with cutting-edge training features, sports apps, 24/7 health and wellness monitoring and more. Experience full control through trusted buttons and ease of use with the new touchscreen interface. Gain new insights on the development of your endurance performance over time and effectively manage your stamina. Use trusted button controls or a new touchscreen interface to access selections. Gain performance insights and metrics that help you manage your exertion and build stamina. Optimize recovery and overall wellness by monitoring heart rate, respiration, stress, sleep and more. Precision Multiband-GNSS (with Sapphire Solar Editions) and outdoor navigation sensors guide your outings off the beaten path. And to complement your tamer days, connected features include smart notifications, music storage and Garmin Pay™ contactless payments. Available Solar versions offer a solar charging lens that uses the sun’s energy to extend battery life. Plus, the fēnix 7X offers a built-in LED flashlight that keeps you going after dark.

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Garmin Connect™ is an ingenious tool for saving, analysing and sharing your sport and fitness activities with your Garmin watch using your smartphone or laptop. Garmin provides a fully connected system that converges in Garmin Connect and is completely free of charge to use.

Garmin Connect is the online analysis and training platform where you can save, analyse and share your sport and fitness activities.

The Garmin Connect app helps you reach your goals with personalised training plans and sessions – your very own personal trainer on your wrist that can also analyse your sleep phases.

About Garmin

At 60 locations around the globe, a 15,000-strong team is committed to helping customers #BeatYesterday and improve their health, be more active, feel better and explore new terrain. More than 44 million users are motivated and inspired by Garmin Connect every day.

Thanks to its continuous efforts to diversify, the company has successfully established a product range that encompasses fitness and health trackers, smart watches, and golf and running watches. One of their main principles of its success is vertical integration: most of the product development, from concept to market-ready product and sales, takes place within the company.

Garmin strives for the highest quality in every area. Each watch is a reliable and enduring companion that offers outstanding accuracy. The brand has a wealth of experience and an excellent reputation thanks to long-term collaborations with athletes, pilots, sailors and explorers. Stringent tests and strict quality control processes during manufacturing and research ensure that all Garmin models meet the very highest standards.

Garmin watches are wonderfully crafted, and each one reflects the personality of its owner and their ambitions. We use only the best materials and manufacture each watch with the utmost precision. The watches feature an impressive combination of revolutionary technologies with exclusive materials, such as titanium, sapphire, ceramic, a carbon coating with the hardness of diamond, jacquard fabrics and Italian Vachetta leather. Each watch is uncompromisingly exquisite and truly inspiring in its own unique way.