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Haute Couture meets Haute Horlogerie

The Vacheron Constantin Egérie Collection
This new watch collection is in line with the world of “haute manufacture” and brings together haute couture and haute horlogerie in elegant creations. The Vacheron Constantin Egérie collection is infused with exquisite feminine sensitivity. From the extravagant dials to the particularly aesthetic crowns, these watches offer the promise of fascinating elegance.

Modern Romance

The perfect combination of Haute Couture and Haute Horlogerie
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Stunning Pieces of Jewellery

A dial with a pleated design and a halo of diamonds reminiscent of a slender braid, along with the decidedly feminine shape of the case: these features define the exquisite Vacheron Constantin Egérie collection, as in the Egérie Self-Winding model. Above all else, it is the sophistication of each detail, from the unique dials to the particularly aesthetic crowns, that fills the Vacheron Constantin Egérie collection with the promise of pure elegance. The female name of this ladylike collection hearkens back to the nymph Egeria. According to Roman mythology, she was a muse who enhanced the creativity of artists and designers and other aesthetic talents.

Charismatic Beauty

The fascinating Vacheron Constantin Egérie Moon Phase Watch Collection

Precision, Excellence and Elegance

The Vacheron Constantin Egérie collection features a striking modern take on Vacheron Constantin’s iconic aesthetic codes. Egérie has made this one of its signature touches. The date display and moon phase are arranged along a subtle diagonal line formed by the Vacheron Constantin logo and the crown, which is located between 1 and 2 o’clock. Depending on the model, the crown is adorned with either a cabochon-cut moonstone or a rose-cut diamond.

Whatever you feel like

Add colour to your life with the Vacheron Constantin Egérie Collection
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The versatility of the elegant Egérie Watch Collection

The Vacheron Constantin Egérie collection offers a variety of possible combinations. The watch models with an 18K rose gold case come with three interchangeable leather straps. This means you can combine the Vacheron Constantin Egérie collection in a number of new ways to suit your mood and alternate between different styles. At the heart of the watch is the 1088 calibre. Vacheron Constantin’s in-house automatic movement with a 40-hour power reserve gives the timepiece the perfect level of independence to suit a modern lifestyle. A watch with a classic look, graced with a charismatic touch.