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The World of Technical Watches

Expertise at the service of beauty
Haute Horlogerie fuses luxurious materials with state-of-the-art movements to create next-generation designs that reflect their creators’ genius. Advancing the watchmaking status quo of the time, technical watches take expertise and know-how to the next level.

A new frontier in watches

Elevating expertise and craft, Technical watches take mechanical engineering to the next level, as illustrated by the stunning skeleton dials that shift focus to what's inside.

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Setting a new standard

Each watch reveals the passion and mastery of the watchmaker. The technical innovations that elevate Haute Horlogerie to an art form.

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The Vision

"We pushed our art direction and graphic identity into the universe of watchmaking to bring Haute Horlogerie to a digital world where CGI and high precision meet."

- Digital artist behind MASTERWORKS

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