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Wearing the world on your wrist

Learn everything you need to know about travel watches
From GMT models through to striking Timezoner designs, watches with travellers’ complications are technical and aesthetic masterpieces. Discover the special features of the functions on Bucherer’s travel watches.

Where precision meets innovation

Bucherer presents an exquisite selection of travel watches

Travel watches - for global citizens and globetrotters

There are essentially only two very different wearers. Some travellers want to know when they are travelling how late it is at home or in some other part of the world. For them, GMT models or dual time zone complications are the best solution. And then there are watch enthusiasts, whose priority is being able to see what the time is in as many different parts of the world as possible, even when they are at home. This travel watch from Longines exploits the advantages of a high-quality quartz movement to create a highly reliable and modern display of a second time zone. The watch can be set using the crown or via smartphone app, which uses a series of light sequences to transmit the desired time to a sensor on the dial. 


Travel watches with visible mechanism

Form and function

A watch with the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) function makes it easier for the wearer to travel between time zones. These travel watches make it possible to view at a glance both the time at home and the time in your current location, so there is no need to waste valuable time adjusting the time on the watch. On this travel watch from Breguet, the two different time zones are displayed on two small dials. This makes it possible to see the heart of this fascinating masterpiece. 

Dual time

What sets these travellers’ complications apart?

Two time zones - everything at a glance

Watches with the dual time function are particularly useful for travelling as they display two different time zones at the same time. The main dial shows the local time, with the second time zone usually being displayed on a subdial. The option of setting the watch to a.m. or p.m. ensures that the exact time is displayed. The dual time function makes this travel watch from Vacheron Constantin perfect for globetrotters who need a second time zone so they can see what the time is at home. Both time zones are set using the crown at 3 o’clock, which offers four different positions, while the date is set using the additional crown at 4 o’clock. 


A fascinating function, perfect for frequent flyers

A technical and aesthetic masterpiece

The Timezoner is the perfect complication for travel watches. It enables the wearer to always know the exact time wherever in the world – and in whichever time zone – they happen to be. A simple function on these travel watches sets them to a new time zone without the need to move the minute hand. Manufacturer IWC Schaffhausen is renowned for converting watchmaking challenges into creative masterpieces, and this new form of travel complication is perfect for watch enthusiasts who travel frequently. The watch’s mechanism is as easy to use as it is technically impressive – travellers only have to push down the bezel, turn it to their desired time zone or destination and release it. The hour hand, day/night indicator and date all move automatically with the bezel to the correct position.