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Lucky charms

Discover the new Ladybird Limited Edition collection in your Bucherer boutique
The Bucherer Fine Jewellery designers create exceptional treasures with symbolic meaning. In the new limited-edition collection, ladybirds signify glamour and luck. 18 exclusive pieces were created by hand in up to 300 hours of work. Exquisite gemstones perfectly complete these fascinating creations. The high jewellery collection shaped as ladybirds.

Glamour and luck

Discover your own personal lucky charm

Iconic lucky charms

The ladybird is captivating as a high jewellery collection

Nature as a source of inspiration

Naturally fantastic – for this new collection, the Bucherer Fine Jewellery designers have turned the ladybird, a traditional symbol of luck and happiness, into a shiny eye-catcher. The haute joiaillerie collection is inspired by the symbolism flora and fauna. At Bucherer's Fine Jewellery Atelier in Lucerne, the iconic lucky ladybirds have been brought to life with great attention to detail and the exceptional craftsmanship. The 15 rings of the limited-edition collection feature a modern, stylised version of the ladybird and three extravagant pendants complete the Ladybird high jewellery collection.

Luxurious lucky charms

Be inspired by the high jewellery collection

Captivating creations

This limited-edition high jewellery collection is very unique. The beetle’s head is made of black rhodium-plated white gold and black diamonds, while the body features stones in a variety of colours such as multifaceted tanzanites, pink rubellites and gleaming pear-cut Paraiba tourmalines. The body is enclosed by the slightly open wings.

A unique mechanism allows to open the wings: the rare, valuable gemstones underneath are a breathtaking sight.

Brilliant eye-catcher

The high jewellery collection is truly exquisite

Your favourite accessory

Luxurious lucky charms that will last a lifetime

The unique high jewellery Ladybird Limited-Edition-Collection

The attention to detail in each individual piece of this limited-edition high jewellery collection is truly enchanting. The rings and pendants almost seem to be alive, as if the ladybirds could fly away at any moment – and alight on your finger as a glamorous symbol of luck and happiness guaranteed to last forever. 

high jewellery roadshow

Starting in July, the precious ladybirds will be the stars of a high jewellery roadshow through Switzerland. Discover these fascinating pieces of jewellery at a Bucherer boutique near you:

  • Zürich: 06.07. – 18.07.2020
  • Lugano: 27.07. – 08.08.2020
  • Locarno: 10.08. – 22.08.2020
  • Basel: 31.08. – 12.09.2020
  • Genf: 21.09. – 03.10.2020
  • Lausanne: 05.10. – 17.10.2020
  • Luzern: 26.10. – 07.11.2020
  • Bern: 16.11. - 28.11.2020
  • St. Gallen: 07.12. – 19.12.2020
  • St. Moritz: 28.12. – 16.01.2021