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From raw diamonds to dazzling jewellery

The beauty of jewellery is a story in two parts. It begins with the raw diamond and ends with craftsmanship of the very highest precision in the Lucerne ateliers of Bucherer Fine Jewellery.

Attention to detail

When raw diamonds are transformed into consummate pieces of jewellery

Setting a Bucherer diamond

Creativity and technical talent

We know from experience that the full charm of the original gemstone can only be laid bare through a combination of creativity and technical talent. In order to get the maximum beauty and brilliance out of a raw diamond, Bucherer Fine Jewellery attaches special importance to achieving the most accurate cut, without compromising on the polish, proportions and symmetry.

The round, brilliant cut is the world’s most popular as it is best suited to create maximum sparkle. However, cushion, emerald and Asscher cuts also give rise to breathtaking pieces of jewellery.

Rings with diamonds in various cuts

The various cuts

These solitaire rings all display diamonds of more than five carats. The cushion cut is accompanied by nearly 300 brilliant diamonds. The emerald cut, not only reserved for the beautiful green gems, is the cut with the greatest surface area.

One of the most renowned cuts is the Asscher, which was invented by the company bearing the same name. Asscher cut 105 different-sized diamonds from the largest diamond ever found. The two largest stones were then mounted in the sceptre and crown of the British Crown Jewels.

Gemstones in various cuts

Five reasons to choose Bucherer Fine Jewellery diamonds

Find out more about the reasons to choose our diamonds

1. Tradition and reputation
Not only is Bucherer a company steeped in tradition that remains family-owned to this day; we are also the largest retailer of high-quality diamond jewellery worldwide, with a reputation for excellence.

2. Personalised advice
At Bucherer Fine Jewellery, you receive expert, personalised advice.

3. An unmatched choice
You are sure to find the right gemstone for you, as our selection is unparalleled. Beautiful rare stones, some weighing over 10 carats, as well as smaller, more affordable gems are all on display.

4. Approved and certified
Our specialists at Bucherer Fine Jewellery examine every single diamond according to the strictest criteria.

5. Competitive prices
Bucherer relies on its own diamond experts, who buy the gems directly from the world’s diamond markets without using intermediaries. This enables us to offer you the best prices.