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Jewellery in delicate pastel colours
Large gemstones in pastel hues adorn the extravagant jewellery pieces in Bucherer Fine Jewellery’s Peekaboo collection. The original collection is named after the playful children’s game peekaboo. And just like in the game, the sparkling rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings will delight and surprise you with their beauty over and over again.

Make a statement with attitude and character

The Peekaboo peridot ring

Subtle refinement and joie de vivre are sometimes required to create a strong impression. The masterful combination of these two qualities lies at the heart of the latest piece from the Peekaboo collection: the peridot ring.


The ring’s gentle radiance makes an excellent addition to this collection, which already features sparkling gems like morganites, aquamarine, golden beryls and amethysts. The vibrant but delicate green hue of the peridot stone catches the eye and perfectly reflects the spirit of the Peekaboo jewellery, creating a modern icon of joie de vivre. Freshly unveiled, yet already iconic.


Order the new Peekaboo ring in rose gold featuring the round cut peridot here.

Experience a sense of effortlessness with Peekaboo

The Peekaboo gemstone collection is synonymous with pure joie de vivre and vibrancy. The fresh, delicate gemstones such as morganite, aquamarine and golden beryl will make any self-confident, modern woman radiate. Feel a sense of effortlessness, of life gloriously unbounded by social conventions. Their minimalist and yet slightly playful character makes these elegant gold jewellery pieces truly delightful.

Typically Peekaboo: a pavé setting of diamonds

The minimalist design of the ring provides the perfect backdrop for the pastel-coloured gemstones. As Peekaboo’s distinctive feature, this surprising design element gives the rings and necklaces a real vibrancy.

Jewellery for style icons

Jewellery designer Yunjo Lee designed the unique Peekaboo jewellery collection for Bucherer.

The delightful Peekaboo collection is the fruit of a close and intense collaboration between Bucherer and New York jewellery designer Yunjo Lee. Originally from South Korea, Yunjo Lee took her inspiration from the style icon Marie-Antoinette – the Austrian princess who married the heir to the French throne in the 18th century and shunned the norms dictated by her royal background to follow her own path. She had a particular love of fashion, and went on to set new standards with her own, unique style. Trendsetter Marie-Antoinette continues to influence the world of fashion and art to this day.

Bucherer breaks new ground with Peekaboo

Bucherer Fine Jewellery has similarly broken free from convention with its Peekaboo collection. The life-affirming pieces of the Peekaboo collection are designed for the modern Marie-Antoinettes – the unique, self-assured women who are not afraid to take control of their own life, yet still embrace femininity and romance.

Discover the delightful Peekaboo gemstone collection from Bucherer Fine Jewellery.

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Bucherer jewellery: an expression of personality

Bucherer uses the rarest and most precious gemstones for its Peekaboo collection.

The traditional Swiss company Bucherer has embodied precision craftsmanship and uncompromising passion and creativity ever since it was founded in 1888. Through its exceptional contacts all over the world, Bucherer sources only the rarest and most exquisite gemstones.

In its atelier in Lucerne, the stones are fashioned into unique treasures that are more than just beautiful accessories: at once timeless and contemporary, they are lifelong companions, expressions of their wearer’s very personality that bring great joy.

Discover the delightful Peekaboo gemstone collection from Bucherer Fine Jewellery in our online shop.

Interview with New York jewellery designer Yunjo Lee

Bucherer: "What inspired you to design a collection for Bucherer?"

Y-L: "I was fascinated and motivated by Bucherer’s long history, by its dedication to its craft of creating jewellery, and by its openness to new ideas. This led to an interesting dialogue that ultimately resulted in the designs for the Peekaboo collection."

Bucherer: "Which trends do you observe in the world of jewellery design?"

Y-L: "Jewellery – and fashion too, in fact – nowadays is worn in a much more cherishing, imaginative way and combined more freely with each other. This trend is also reflected in today’s designs, and will become even more pronounced. I believe that jewellery should be surprising. In the future, jewellery designs will be inspired more and more by abstract forms."

Bucherer: "What type of woman is the Peekaboo collection aimed at?"

Y-L: "It is aimed at the self-confident woman who delights in exploring different facets of her femininity, and who finds strength and success in her sensibility. A woman who wants to celebrate and hold on to both the happy moments and the challenges in her life."

When Yunjo Lee first held the finished pieces in her hands after months of intense collaboration between New York and Lucerne, it was love at first sight.