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Bucherer Fine Jewellery Collitaire, platinum - 1888 Kollektion

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Collitaire 1888 anchor platinum, length 45 cm, diamond with brilliant cut total 0.7 ct.

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Brand Bucherer Fine Jewellery
SKU 0880-265-3
Characteristics This 45 cm long collier made of platinum is a classically beautiful piece of jewellery that should be in every jewellery box. The sparkling look comes from one brilliant cut diamond (total 0.7 carat). This necklace with a lobster clasp charms with its simple shape and timeless elegance. The diamonds are checked and certified: our specialists examine each individual diamond according to strict criteria. All quality specifications are covered by an internationally recognized certificate (GIA/HRD) and are confirmed on the sales receipt.
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Brand Bucherer Fine Jewellery
Collection Classics
Material Platinum
Classification Necklaces, Collitaire
Movement Necklaces
Gender Ladies
Chain Length 45 cm
Gemstone Diamond