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Highlights for autum/winter 2017
Lucerne, September 2017 – The 2017 autumn/winter jewellery collection from Bucherer Fine Jewellery inspires and celebrates every womanʼs individual style. The new models include High Jewellery creations with emeralds and blue sapphires, contemporary pieces for everyday wear, emerald-cut diamond classics and heart-shaped pink diamonds. The focus this season is also on the ten-year anniversary of the Lacrima Collection and the launch of the Peekaboo Collection.

Text: 20 SEP, 2017

Bucherer Fine Jewellery Collections – spotlight on Lacrima and Peekaboo

This autumn, two collections stand side by side on the podium: Lacrima, to mark its ten-year anniversary, and Peekaboo, to mark its launch. You will have received separate press kits for both of them.

High Jewellery: Irresistibly seductive in royal blue and deep green

The new High Jewellery pieces celebrate two gemstones that were greatly prized in the ancient world: the singular green emerald and the elegant blue sapphire. Cleopatra made gifts of emeralds to favourites from her private mine, while Julius Caesar preferred the precious green gemstones to all others. The royal blue sapphire has likewise always held a special attraction. Global deposits are extremely limited, with the result that the precious stones are increasingly rare on the worldʼs markets. To secure the finest specimens, therefore, we draw on business connections going back many, many years. Bucherer Fine Jewellery presents pieces featuring these classic precious stones in a trio formation with superb diamonds. Fabulous pearls from Tahiti also have an attractive greenish-blue shimmer. The new treasure from Buchererʼs studios comes in an exquisite combination with blue tanzanites.

Classics: Champagne for the wrist with a staircase of pure diamonds

For connoisseurs of timelessly elegant style, emerald-cut diamonds are veritable classics. This particular cut, also known as the step cut, underscores above all the purity of a precious stone and can therefore only be used with absolutely flawless diamonds. This autumn, Bucherer Fine Jewellery will be launching an entire collection with these select diamonds. Further classics in focus this season are champagne-coloured diamonds. Combined with pink gold they have a distinctly feminine appeal and subtly flatter the wearerʼs delicate skin tone. The timeless collection is perfectly complemented by classic chains in pink gold.

Romance: A declaration of love with pink-coloured diamonds

Inspired by the multifaceted nature of love, Bucherer Fine Jewellery has complemented its high-carat jewel sets for the bride with a Pink Diamonds Collection. This fabulous collection features enchanting pieces with a magical sparkle: pendants and rings with pink-coloured and white brilliant diamonds in pave-style settings. Fashioned in heart and circle shapes, the pieces in the collection are special symbols of love and ideal as gifts for the bride or on a wedding anniversary.

Daily Treasures: Soap bubbles made of gold

The stylish Daily Treasures collection for the modern woman – both the young and young-at-heart – is inspired by seasonal jewellery fashions. The new pieces include bangle sets, which, worn in combination, create a distinctive, modern look. Once again, the circle is at the centre of the autumn collection – as in the Bubbles and Sphera Collection, in warm pink gold. Geometrical shapes will be equally fashionable this season.

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