Bucherer cleaning service

We recommend regularly making use of our cleaning service for your pearls, diamonds and gold jewellery pieces. They will all be professionally cleaned to ensure they gleam like new.

Professional cleaning for your pearls and gold jewellery

Having your pearls and gold jewellery professionally cleaned makes all the difference.

Over time, dust and residue from soap and cosmetics can create an unsightly film on your jewellery. This dulls the shine and colour of your pearls, gemstones and gold jewellery. 

We recommend that you regularly clean your jewellery and make use of the professional cleaning service at your local Bucherer store from time to time. Cleaning your jewellery so that it shines like new is just part of the service we offer you at Bucherer. The cleaning service is free of charge for Bucherer products, and we clean other items of jewellery with precisely the same care and attention.