Pearl care

Pearls are timeless classics and unique natural products. Bucherer Fine Jewellery recommends these pearl care tips so that you can enjoy your pearl jewellery for a long time.

How to clean your pearls properly

Wear your pearls

Pearls are a natural product, and your skin is a natural source of moisture. So wear this exceptional jewellery on a regular basis – a natural way of caring for them.

Be careful with your pearls

Sharp objects and other pieces of jewellery can damage the surface of your pearls. Direct sunlight will dry them out. Therefore, we recommend storing your pearls in a soft bag.

Gently remove impurities

Pearls require special care. They do not like cosmetics, perfume or hairspray. If any dirt or residue makes its way onto your pearls, remove it gently with a cotton cloth.

We will help you take care of your pearls

Pearls are forever. However, the silk thread that joins them together can get worn out. Have your precious pearls checked regularly by Bucherer and have them restrung if needed.

Pearls: the timeless classic

Pearls are timeless and elegant.

Pearls bring out the elegance of every woman. They are true classics and go with any outfit. With pearl jewellery from Bucherer Fine Jewellery you will never be under- or overdressed.

Pearls are a natural product that emphasise your natural beauty. Their genuine elegance makes them ideally suited as bridal jewellery or for other special occasions.