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Apart from our own watch brand, Carl F. Bucherer, our stores also stock internationally renowned brands such as Rolex, Audemars Piguet, A. Lange & Söhne, Baume & Mercier, Carl F. Bucherer, Chopard, Girard-Perregaux, Gucci, Hublot, IWC, Jaeger LeCoultre, Longines, H. Moser & Cie., Montblanc, Panerai, Piaget, Rado, Roger Dubuis, TAG Heuer, Tissot, Tudor, Victorinox Swiss Army Watch, Swatch. With a choice of around 1300 models, Bucherer today has probably the largest selection of Rolex watches in the world.

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Quality, style, the continuation of one of the greatest traditions of the watchmaker’s art – there are so many excellent reasons to wear a Rolex watch. What really makes a Rolex special is the successful blend of cutting edge technology with a real philosophy of life.Pioneering sprit, the striving for perfection – character strengths exhibited by Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, which have endured to the present day. This message is represented worldwide by the personalities who represent our name.

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Audemars Piguet; the creator of the most refined timepieces in the world. Audemars Piguet has always  remained true to the philosophy of its grounder and has always presented remarkable new creations.

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Jules Audemars

Audemars Piguet − Jules Audemars

Some of the world’s most complex timepieces emerged in the series created by “Jules Audemars”. Minute repetition striking-mechanisms, Chronographs with fly-back hands, watches with Tourbillon impedance – all these technical wonders attest to the enormous ability, experience and inventiveness of this impassioned watchmaker. The rare pieces from these series represent milestones in the history of watchmaking. They represent the zenith of the watchmaker’s craft.

Royal Oak Offshore

Audemars Piguet − Royal Oak Offshore

The Royal Oak Offshore is the ultra sporty version of the legendary Royal Oak. It was developed to withstand even the most exacting conditions, a luxury timepiece equal to any challenge it may be confronted with.

Royal Oak

Audemars Piguet − Royal Oak

Mathematicians have nominated the figure eight as the symbol for eternity. It is also the sign for endless renewal and it is the number of the Royal Oak. The eight-sided bezel of this timepiece is the mark that distinguishes a collection that, since its introduction in 1972, has understood the art of combining sport with elegance.


Audemars Piguet − Millenary

A watch like no other! What we witness here is not a perfect circle, but the elegance of a perfect oval like that of the coliseum in Rome… This watch nestles itself perfectly onto the wrist and follows every movement. Shortly before the Millennium, AP has once again deftly combined the traditional with the modern in a classic model that can also house a highly complicated movement.

Based in Saxony, A. Lange & Söhne is one of the most exclusive brands in international fine watchmaking. The watchmakers at Lange still uphold the art of fine craftsmanship as it was once practiced at the court in Dresden. At the same time, they generate a continuous stream of technical innovations that contribute to the further development of precision mechanical watchmaking.p>

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A. Lange & Söhne − LANGE 1

The LANGE 1 incorporates the knowledge and the skills of an entire dynasty of watchmakers – the lineage that dates back 160 years to Ferdinand A. Lange. The founder’s great-grandson Walter Lange has preserved its grand heritage in precision watchmaking to this very day.


A. Lange & Söhne − 1815

The 1815 pays tribute to Ferdinand A. Lange. Its name refers
to the birth year of the founder of the German precision watchmaking industry, a man whose fate was inextricably associated with the events before and after 1815.



While they were developing the LANGEMATIK PERPETUAL, A. Lange & Söhne’s calibre engineers went beyond the implementation of the perpetual calendar as an elaborate complication. They ventured a step further by thinking all functions through to their logical conclusion and creating an immaculate timepiece that takes every detail of the concept of perpetuity into account.


A. Lange & Söhne − SAXONIA

The name of the SAXONIA refers to the state of Saxony. It embodies the values and accomplishments of this region, particularly the typical Saxon pursuit of melding beauty with usefulness.

Baume & Mercier, a company whose history began in 1830 in the mountains of the Jura has developed into an international brand name. The product pallet extends from the classic watch through to the most noble of jewellery watches. Apart from their exceptional quality, the watches of Baume & Mercier are recognised for the elegance and individualistic character.

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Baume & Mercier − Clifton

Clifton, the ultimate classic watchmaking collection. The Baume & Mercier timepiece to access the world of traditional watchmaking. A watch with quality watchmaking finishes at an affordable price. A classic yet contemporary design, playing with curves and harmony between the case and the strap for a comfortable fit. A timeless everyday-wear watch that will stand the test of time.


Baume & Mercier − Capeland

With its “chevé” shaped glass and its strongly domed case back, this 1948 single-pusher chronograph also features a finely crafted dial with telemetric and tachometric scales. It is entirely in line with the “pebble-type” pocket watches of the early 20th century.


Baume & Mercier − Linea

Linea, the perfect harmony of style and feminity


Baume & Mercier − Hampton

The watch has a rectangular shape while giving due attention to comfort on the wrist, for a piece that is as pleasant to look at as it is to wear.


Baume & Mercier − Classima

This white gold watch, driven by a thin self-winding small rotor integrated inside the movement, is the very epitome of a restrained, elegant design. Simplicity, efficiency, readability: all the ingredients in the success of Classima are already present in this vintage 1965 model.

However much Carl F. Bucherer’s timepieces may have changed over the last 80 or so years, they still have much in common. For example, the passion, enthusiasm and meticulous attention to detail that accompany them from start to finish in the manufacturing process. Carl F. Bucherer. A name with tradition, a brand with a future. For people who do not go with the times.

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Carl F. Bucherer − Manero

An irresistible blend of complex mechanics and functional practicality, the watches in the Manero line combine sublime esthetics with supreme elegance. Selected design elements and intricate complications are the hallmarks of a watch family with timeless appeal.


Carl F. Bucherer − Patravi

Modern classics with sophisticated mechanical functions and designs that exude character. The Patravi models are developed and manufactured using the latest design and manufacturing methods: future-oriented timepieces that fuse tradition and modern design approaches in impressive harmony.


Carl F. Bucherer − Alacria

The Alacria in steel and gold with its boldly contoured case shape embodies Carl F. Bucherer’s professional approach to design. The Alacria is a watch with immediate appeal but also the potential to become a classic.


Carl F. Bucherer − Adamavi

All models in this range are characterized by pure timeless elegance and mechanical reliability, making them more than just timepieces. As true companions whose appearance will outlast the short-lived trends of the present time, they provide the wearer with reliability and continuity.
Values that are predestined please.

Chopard understands the secret of inspired elegance and timeless harmony. Today they are the essence of modernity but they will become the classics of the future.

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Happy Sport

Chopard − Happy Sport

Encouraged by the success of Happy Diamonds, Chopard has created the Happy Sport. Seven free moving diamonds “dance” between two layers of sapphire glass to give this watch its playful and carefree personality.

Mille Miglia

Chopard − Mille Miglia

The story of a passion, the Mille Miglia is a chronograph with a tyre-tread wrist strap made of natural rubber with the pattern of a Dunlop racing tyre.Since 1988, Chopard has been the official partner of the legendary “Mille Miglia” old-timer car rally.

Happy Diamonds

Chopard − Happy Diamonds

A unique idea – a decorative watch containing free moving diamonds. When the concept was first launched onto the market, it was considered “futuristic”. Today the idea is recognised as one of the classics.


Chopard − L.U.C

The House of Chopard belongs to a select circle of Swiss watchmakers who can genuinely call themselves manufacturers, in other words, companies that are able to produce their own mechanical movements. Many of those who assume the name are patently not in this position. Thanks to the skills and talent of its specialists, from the designer through to the precision watchmaker, Chopard is decidedly a manufacturer in the truest sense of the word.


Chopard − Imperiale

With its new Imperiale collection, Chopard has succeeded in distilling the very essence of style and elegance in a watch. This new expression of the manufacturer’s famous model of the 1990s – which draws its inspiration from a sophisticated, dynamic and natural woman with a strong personality and who appreciates the discreet luxury of incredibly beautiful objects – has now given rise to two new interpretations: 28mm and two-tone.

Girard-Perregaux, with its headquarters in La-Chaux-de-Fonds, is the result of a passion that can look back on 210 years of existence.  A watchmaker with the necessary talent to delight and to astonish the connoisseur.

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Girard-Perregaux −

For many years, of the company’s overriding aims has been to create watches of character that are instantly recognizable. The world time watch is the latest addition to a series of timepieces that combine sophisticated mechanical technology with smoothly contoured lines in a generously sized case.


Girard-Perregaux − 1966

Performance guaranteed by Girard-Perregaux’s technical expertise. Perfect readability. The Girard-Perregaux 1966 chronograph has now adopted a case with a diameter of 42 millimetres to make room for the measurement of short time periods. The model’s discreet, classic elegance blossoms on a new dial that extols the virtues of functionality.

Haute Horlogerie

Girard-Perregaux − Haute Horlogerie

The “Haute Horlogerie” segment offers a rich variety, incorporating a complete range of the most fascinating watchmaking complications in existence, such as the chronograph, world time indicator, perpetual calendar, power reserve and moon phase indicators, chiming watches, split-seconds and jumping seconds and even an unprecedented miniature slot machine mechanism.

Vintage 1945

Girard-Perregaux − Vintage 1945

In the manufacturers own museum in the Villa Marguerite, a place where many milestones in the history of watchmaking – in particular the products of GIRARD PERREGAUX itself – can be admired. Amongst them is a wonderful watch from the year 1945 that was revived in 1995 in a new, limited series. The Vintage 1945 was such an international success that there is now a collection named ‘LADY’, a column-wheel chronograph with automatic winding and even a splendid automatic tourbillon with a gold bridge based on this model.

Cat's Eye

Girard-Perregaux − Cat's Eye

The Cat’s Eye family, a tribute to femininity, ingeniously blends esthetic appeal with watchmaking at its finest. Exclusive creations, crafted for self-assured women who can identify with the values of traditional watchmaking and appreciate a very personal and feminine piece of jewelry.

For more than 70 years, Gucci has belonged to the leading manufacturers of and luxury clothing and accessories. Materials of the finest quality, painstaking manufacture and specialist handwork are the characteristics that have made Gucci such a success. Gucci watches are available in our stores in Geneva, Interlaken, Lausanne, Lucerne and Zurich.

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Gucci − Interlocking

Gucci Timepieces is pleased to introduce the new Interlocking watch collection designed by Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini. The watches are available in different versions, but all feature one of the most recognizable Gucci icons: the interlocking double “G” symbol, first used in the early Sixties and representing the initials of the House founder, Guccio Gucci.

A broad palette of materials ensures these models appeal to both men and women, and suit every occasion. A variety of straps are available from a metal bracelet to brown or black calfskin and white, brown or black crocodile as well. The cases, which display the GG motif, are worked in stainless steel, black or brown PVD, teamed with matching dials in sun-brushed silver, brown or black. Precious variants see the GG motif fully or partially etched in diamonds and accompanied by a black lacquered dial, or alternatively, worked in 18kt pink gold.


Gucci − Bamboo

Gucci is pleased to introduce a new style for the Bamboo timepiece, designed by Creative Director Frida Giannini and crafted by skilled artisans from natural bamboo and stainless steel. Each timepiece is created individually, and as with the iconic Bamboo bag handles, each piece of bamboo is shaped and carved by hand before becoming a key element in this latest Gucci Timepieces creation.


Gucci − G-Timeless

The collection of styles and designs, from small to medium-sized models, ladies and unisex models.


Gucci − G-Gucci

The G-Gucci is perfectly smooth with the design of the bracelet matched and gives the model in this way, his strong, personal touch.


Gucci − U-Play

The concept behind the U-Play collection lies in the interchangeable design of the components, which allows the wearer to change the combination of colours and materials to suit the occasion or to express her personal taste. This feature enables each piece to be individually interpreted or transformed – a mark of the excellence of modern watch-making, balancing form and function, technology and design.


Gucci − Twirl

The models are characterized by their revolving turning housing and a new, innovative look.


Gucci − G-Frame

Gucci stands for refined elegance and sleek femininity. This style embodies the new G-Frame Collection.


Gucci − Coupé

Black diamond pattern dial with grande date at 12 o’clock and green/red/green web at 3 o’clock.


Gucci − 1921

A special edition collection conceived to celebrate Gucci’s 90th anniversary.


Gucci − I-Gucci

The I-Gucci digital watch is the first of Gucci Timepieces and became one of the best-selling of the brand.

The Art of Fusion. In 1980 Hublot set up a milestone in the history of watchmaking when it became the first manufacturer to combine a gold watch with a natural rubber strap. Twenty-five years later, the company upholds its fusion concept by bringing together materials – such as gold with ceramic, tantalum with rose gold, or magnesium with titanium – that have never previously been combined. It successfully conjoins traditional Swiss watchmaking with that of the 21st century, without forgoing the unique and timeless design inherent in a watch from Hublot.

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Classic Fusion

Hublot − Classic Fusion

The collection shows Classic Fusion of Hublot, in contrast to other collections of the brand rather simple. In design terms can apply as an elegant line of watches, but no less expressive variant of the Big Bang.

Big Bang

Hublot − Big Bang

The Hublot Big Bang chronograph has been recognized worldwide and has won several international awards. Within less than a year, Jean-Claude Biver, Hublot chronograph presented with the “Big Bang” a new collection off the ground.

King Power

Hublot − King Power

For an excellent visibility in low light provide the luminous hands and digits of the King Power. The seconds are displayed at this clock has a small subsidiary dial, small seconds.

IWC, – the only watchmaker in the eastern part of Switzerland – has made nothing but exceptional watches since 1868. Many of these have since become treasured collectors items and objects of stable and increasing value. The company has no other intention than to continue making exceptional watches. Watches intended primarily for men that also appeal to women.

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IWC − Portofino

A watch is not a monument to a designer to be worn on the wrist! This is a basic reality that was simply forgotten during the design crazy days of the 1970’s. But then, the unfaltering popularity of the sleek Portofino watch, which has remained constant since the 1980’s, is incontrovertible proof that time ticks differently in the world of watches.In this world timelessness is always the spirit of the day.


IWC − Pilot's Watches

Almost 70 years ago IWC decided that it was time to teach its watches how to fly. Appropriately equipped, in the middle of the 1930’s, the first true pilots’ watch took its maiden flight. A flight that led the way to the stratospheric success that subsequent generations of these robust and functional “family pioneers” enjoy to this day.


IWC − Portuguese

The concept that one could use a clock in conjunction with astronomical co-ordinates to help chart a course at sea did in fact occur in the 15th Century, but at that time, and for some time thereafter, the conquistadors had to make do with an hourglass. It would be another 4 centuries before the explorers of the world’s oceans could depend on an IWC timepiece that was designed specifically for them.


IWC − Aquatimer

Maximum functionality and outstanding legibility under water are guaranteed by the Aquatimers from IWC, which come with luminescent elements, beautifully arranged dials, hands and innovative rotating inner bezel. Its outstanding technology is impressive enough out of the water: nothing for it but to take the plunge.

Da Vinci

IWC − Da Vinci

The fame of Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) as a painter tends to overshadow his importance as an inventor, engineer and anatomist. His paintings of the “Last Supper” and the “Mona Lisa” are well known to everyone, but who is acquainted with the designer of fortresses and water systems? Da Vinci anticipated the future from the heart of the Renaissance, and 500 years later a fantastic time machine from Schaffhausen in Switzerland was named to honour his spirit and achievements.


IWC − Ingenieur

Perhaps more than any other line from IWC, the Ingenieur embodies the philosophy of a company whose foundation dates back to 1868. The cool, functional exterior contains a movement packed with one technical masterpiece after another. Since its first appearance in the mid-1950s, the Ingenieur line has been forever pushing back the borders of watchmaking technology.

It was an invention that led to the first Jaeger-LeCoultre workshop. Since 1833, the Manufacture has not only fostered this heritage of invention, creativity and technical skill together under one roof but also constantly set out in search of innovation.

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Jaeger LeCoultre − Reverso

Since 1931, the Reverso has housed over 50 different mechanical calibres, from the world’s smallest to grandes complications, ranging from ultra-thin movements to tourbillons and from minute repeaters to perpetual calendars. Each of these mechanisms has been specially designed to fit the legendary reversible case and entirely made on site at the Jaeger-LeCoultre Manufacture, in the finest Swiss watchmaking tradition.

Master Tourbillon Dualtime

Jaeger LeCoultre − Master Tourbillon Dualtime

Two classic complications on a single dial; subtle and refined aesthetics; as well as an exceptional level of decoration: such are the signature features of the Master Tourbillon Dualtime line, associating 178 years of history with the latest results of the ongoing research conducted by Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Master Ultra-Thin

Jaeger LeCoultre − Master Ultra-Thin

Clear-cut lines and elegant shapes giving pride of place to functions: the Master Ultra-Thin collection returns to the fundamentals of the classic round watch. Epitomising the restrained style of the 1950s, it is the expression of a refined watchmaking tradition meticulously cultivated by Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Master Memovox

Jaeger LeCoultre − Master Memovox

In 1956, Jaeger-LeCoultre made history when it launched the first automatic watch with an alarm function. The Manufacture has reintroduced this emblematic function in an elegant and classic timepiece.

Master Compressor

Jaeger LeCoultre − Master Compressor

The excellence, technical performance and reliability of the Master Compressor range combines tradition and innovation in a design inspired by the 1965 Memovox Polaris.

The various collections from Longines combine refined sophistication with classical elegance together with a thoroughly contemporary formal expression that stands for today’s lifestyle. This message is conveyed by Longines, drawing on its many years of experience and a broadly based watchmaking culture.

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Longines − PrimaLuna

With its gently curves and understated elegance, the new Longines PrimaLuna pays homage to the mysterious satellite that orbits the Earth. Delicately drawn contours set off against sparkling diamonds, all in subtle contrast to the pure clarity of the dials. The new Longines PrimaLuna is bewitching and will win the hearts of any woman with a modern, uncomplicated take on the meaning of elegance.


Longines − Heritage

Among the exceptional pieces in the Heritage range, the most famous is without question the Lindbergh Hour Angle Watch, a re-issue of the timepiece developed for the American pilot Charles Lindbergh in 1931.


Longines − HydroConquest

Diving watches “par excellence”, the models in the HydroConquest series are a homage to the men who have dedicated themselves to conquering the oceans and to enthusiasts of the open seas. They meet the strict requirements demanded by this discipline: they are water-resistant to 30 bar (300 metres), are fitted with a unidirectional turning bezel, screw-down case and screw-in crown, lateral protection for the crown and double security folding clasp with integrated diving extension-piece.


Longines − Conquest

The Longines Conquest perfectly exemplifies the brand’s sporting elegance. The esthetic potential of the bezel, the cabochon and the bracelet links, finished in variously colored ceramics, has been exploited to the full. This unusual material combines timeless beauty with outstanding technical properties. A subtle blend of steel and ceramic, elegance and high performance, the Longines Conquest integrates technical specifications that are equal to the needs of even the most demanding sportsman.


Longines − Admiral

The Admiral line epitomizes perhaps the most compelling aspects of sport, where the focus is on the esthetics, precision and grace of the athlete’s movements. Globetrotters and adventurers will particularly appreciate the dual time zones. These are the values that contribute to the esthetic perfection and flawless workmanship that have gone into these 24-hour watches and chronographs with tachymeter.

La Grande Classique de Longines

Longines − La Grande Classique de Longines

Confirmation of a strong tradition that expresses the company esthetic sense at its best: the La Grande Classique remained unchanged for many years. And although changing tastes and technological progress have persuaded Longines to update and modify some of its features, it has nevertheless preserved the ultra slim profile of a collection that is both timeless and intrinsically classical.


Longines − Evidenza

Evidenza stands for the classical elegance of the tonneau-shaped case and for watchmaking in its purest form. It is a clear statement that cutting-edge technology can be expressed esthetically.

Dolce Vita

Longines − Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita combines the clear-cut lines of the 1930s with the glamour of the 1950s. And this elegant timepiece is a pure expression of the “good life”, Italian-style.

Master Collection

Longines − Master Collection

Testifying to a long and colorful watchmaking tradition, these collections bring together ingeniously finished uniform dials with highly reliable automatic or hand-wound movements: the right size for any wrist.

The latest collection of Moser watches is manufactured in keeping with the company’s 175-year-old tradition. Over such a long period of time, features have been developed that are instantly recognizable in both historic and modern watch models from Moser. The internationally registered punch, which is the brand’s hallmark and the surest indication for connoisseurs that a watch is a genuine Moser, still features in watches made by the company today.

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H. Moser & Cie. − Mayu

A fine, elegant watch with a certain hint of understatement: the Mayu from Moser.
The name of the watch is a tribute to Heinrich Moser’s first wife, Charlotte Mayu. The family seat, Charlottenfels manor near Schaffhausen, was also named after her.


H. Moser & Cie. − Monard

A classic watch with just three hands to indicate the time, but incorporating a movement that is full of convincing innovations and timeless beauty: the Monard from Moser. The fascination of this watch lies in its puristic appearance and the renunciation of all fashionable special effects.

Henry Double Hairspring

H. Moser & Cie. − Henry Double Hairspring

An exceptional tonneau watch with a Straumann Double Hairspring: the Henry Double Hairspring from Moser with an exclusive rectangular-shaped movement.
An exemplary innovation for the oscillating system, the most complicated component of the mechanical watch, gives this movement its particular charisma.

Moser Perpetual 1

H. Moser & Cie. − Moser Perpetual 1

A mechanical watch with a perpetual calendar, of a kind never previously seen: the Moser Perpetual 1. Distinguished with the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève, the most prestigious and coveted award of the Swiss horological industry.
This extraordinary watch of the new generation is equipped with the Moser double barrel and possesses a minimum power reserve of seven days when fully wound.

Perpetual Moon

H. Moser & Cie. − Perpetual Moon

A special watch with a display of the phases of the moon, which deviates by only 1 day after more than 1,027 years. It shows the phases of the moon as seen in the Northern hemisphere in a large window on the dial. We see various phases of the moon depending on the relative positions of the moon and the sun. The phases are depicted in a unique way on this watch, and can be adjusted, read and predicted accurately to the minute.

Montblanc has been a beacon in the luxury brand market, consistently present for nearly a century. Having been celebrated for generations as the paramount creator of writing instruments, we have since branched out in order to offer you exquisite watches, leather goods, jewellery, fragrances and eyewear. Taking our name from the most prominent and highest summit in the Alps, Montblanc supports the conviction of preservation and opulence. With operations in more than seventy countries, Montblanc tells its stories to a lively and varied audience. Selling its products exclusively through an international network of authorised retailers, jewellers and more than 360 boutiques, the Montblanc brand has become prominent across the globe.

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Vintage Tachydate Collection Villeret 1858

Montblanc − Vintage Tachydate Collection Villeret 1858

43.5 mm watch with white gold case, Montblanc Calibre MB M16.29, monopusher chronograph with manual winding, black Grand Feu enamel solid gold dial with tachymeter and telemeter scales, centre chronograph seconds and 30 min counter at 3 o’clock, black alligator-skin strap with 18 K white gold pin buckle, limited to 58 pieces.

Nicolas Rieussec

Montblanc − Nicolas Rieussec

43 mm, 18 K red-gold case, featuring the unique Montblanc Calibre MB R110, Monopusher chronograph with manual winding, hour-minute-date, 30 min. and 60 sec. rotating-disc counters, sapphire crystal case back with power-reserve indicator, water-resistant to 3 bar (30 m), beige dial with black numerals on applique hour circle, red-gold-plated hands, domed sapphire crystal with double anti-reflective coating and a brown alligator-skin strap with 18 K red-gold double-folding clasp. Limited Edition of 50.

Nicolas Rieussec

Montblanc − Nicolas Rieussec

43 mm watch with stainless steel case, Montblanc Calibre MB R200, monopusher chronograph with automatic winding, silver-coloured dial with “guilloché grain d’orge” and black numerals, second time one with day/night display, chronograph counters with rotating discs, domed sapphire crystal with double anti-reflective coating, brown alligator-skin strap with double-folding clasp.

Star Classique

Montblanc − Star Classique

39 mm watch with red gold case, automatic movement, sapphire crystal case back, white silver-coloured dial, red gold-plated hands, red gold-plated index and numerals, small seconds, brown alligator-skin strap, red gold pin buckle.

Grace de Monaco

Montblanc − Grace de Monaco

34 mm 18 K red gold case, quartz movement, flange set with brilliant-cut diamonds, Montblanc Diamond in the crown, white mother-of-pearl dial with red gold-plated hands, drop-cut pink sapphire at 6 o’clock, white alligator-skin strap, 18 K red gold pin buckle.

TimeWalker TwinFly GreyTech

Montblanc − TimeWalker TwinFly GreyTech

MB calibre MB LL100, automatic movement with chronograph functions, 43 mm shot-blasted titanium case, fixed shot-blasted titanium bezel, flyback chronograph with central minute and second hands, 24-hour display with second time zone, openworked grey dial, grey alligator-skin strap, with shot-blasted titanium pin buckle.

TimeWalker ChronoVoyager UTC

Montblanc − TimeWalker ChronoVoyager UTC

43 mm steel case, automatic movement with chronograph and UTC functions, fixed satin-finish bezel, anthracite dial, red gold-plated luminescent hands and red gold numerals, steel bracelet with satin-finish central links, triple-folding clasp.

Panerai was originally founded in 1860 as manufacturer of precision instruments. During the decades that followed the company registered numerous patents for inventions in the areas of watchmaking and optical equipment.Up until the end of the 80’s Panerai produced watches exclusively for the Italian army. Only since 1993 they have been available to the general public. To this day Panerai watches continue to meet the high technical requirements of the marine forces.

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Panerai − Luminor

Movement: hand-wound mechanical, Panerai OP X calibre with swan’s neck regulator, 16½ lignes, 17 jewels. Cotes de Genève decoration on the bridges. Glucydur® balance with Nivarox® I spring, 21,600 alternations/hour.
Incabloc® anti-shock device.
Power reserve 56 hours.


Panerai − Radiomir

Movement: hand-wound mechanical, Panerai Calibre P.2002/3 in PAM00268 and PAM00384 models, or P.2002/9 in PAM00346 model, completely manufactured by Panerai, 13 ¾ lignes, 6.6 thick, 21 jewels, 8-day power reserve, 3 spring barrels, Glucydur® balance, 28,800 alternations/hour. KIF Parechoc® anti-shock device.

Since its foundation in 1874, Piaget has been cultivating a spirit of luxury while emphasising its creativity, attention to detail and fully integrated watchmaking and jewellery expertise.

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Piaget − Altiplano

An ultra-thin ideology is at the heart of Piaget’s culture and history. Since the ’50s, the legendary 9P and 12P movements have inspired a range of calibres as thin as they are efficient.


Piaget − Dancer

Eternally round. Amazingly thin. The Dancer collection travels through the ages and remains utterly timeless. On the bezel and bracelet, double gadroons punctuate the hours and reinforce the personality of this eternal luxury watch.


Piaget − Polo

The Piaget Polo is not just a luxury timepiece born in 1979. It is an icon; the distillation of the creative genius of the Manufacture Piaget. A revolutionary design that features a fully integrated strap, case and bezel. The Piaget Polo collection embodies the art of living in perfect harmony with the times, whatever the circumstances.


Piaget − Limelight

Under the spotlight, the Limelight collection plays the starring role. In watchmaking, stars love to dazzle amidst the crackling flashes of the cameras, all eyes fixed on them. Heir to the first Piaget jewellery watches, Limelight extends an invitation to tread the red carpet in a reflection of its flamboyant inventiveness. One by one, the watches exhibit their dazzling silhouettes fashioned in gold and studded with precious stones. Their perfect proportions and shapes evoke the flowing lines of the most prestigious Haute Couture creations.

Traditionelle Uhr

Piaget − Traditional watch

This traditional watch is a gold jewellery watch with a charmingly retro look, representing Piaget’s historical expertise. Round, ultra-thin — fitted with Piaget’s thinnest mechanical movement — it is available in two sizes, varying the bracelets set with precious stones.


Piaget −

Thanks to its captivating movement, the Possession watch engages in a continuous game with time, driven by Piaget’s creative spirit. A brilliant-cut diamond with an inverted relief effect catches the eye and allows the gaze to follow and admire the sacred object.

Materials like titanium, sapphire crystal, high-tech ceramics, high-tech lanthan or high-tech diamonds – these are what make Rado stand out from the rest. For Rado, design means “the external expression of an inner wholeness”. Even so, the brand does not see itself as a producer of “designerwatches”, but rather as a watchmaker with an individualistic sense of design. The fine art of reducing an object to its most fundamental elements dominates the Rado design and development philosophy.

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Rado − HyperChrome

Reaching new summits of technical complexity, a one piece or ‘monobloc’ case forms the entire structure of the timepiece. Contrasting parentheses protect and underline its uniqueness.

True Thinline

Rado − True Thinline

This is an elegant high-tech masterpiece – one that also resists blemishes to withstand the test of time. ‘This watch is so thin, light and comfortable, one would hardly notice it – but for its beauty and precision’.


Rado − Centrix

The shape and style of the Rado Centrix make this a watch to desire.
The tapered, lightweight, flexible bracelet gently and sensually embraces the wrist, offering exquisite comfort and grace as well as uncompromising luxury and sophistication.


Rado − D-Star

Simplicity reigns with this streamlined, sleek and dynamic timepiece. The sharp, facetted ellipse of its form exudes power and style in a collection comprising three breakthrough materials – Ceramos™, high-tech ceramic and carbon diffused steel.

D-Star 200

Rado − D-Star 200

These style landmarks boast water-resistance to a pressure of 20 bar. Modernity welcomes the sporty mood in a watch that complements wet suits and business suits alike.


Rado − Integral

Choose from models in anthracite-, platinum- or gold-colored high-tech ceramic. The range extends from basic models, multifunctional and chronographversions through to the “Jubilé” and “Superjubilé” versions, both richly ornamented with diamonds.

The story of the Roger Dubuis manufacture is a dazzling one—indeed, a unique one in the world of haute horlogerie. While most venerable luxury watch brands are weighted by hundreds of years of history, Roger Dubuis’ sharp ascendancy began in much more recent history, in 1995.

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Roger Dubuis − Excalibur

Technical excellence and powerful design are the signatures of the Excalibur collection.

Excalibur 42

Roger Dubuis − Excalibur 42

The new Excalibur 42 line is an anthem to power and aesthetics. With its dynamic shapes, sharp angles and powerful design, the Excalibur 42 watch model is a concentrated blend of the collection’s identity codes, combined with a perfect mechanism. A new Excalibur line for modern-day knights.

Excalibur 36

Roger Dubuis − Excalibur 36

The epitome of style and mechanical mastery, this deliberately audacious approach pushes haute horlogerie toward new horizons.


Roger Dubuis − Velvet

Velvet timepieces are Haute Horlogerie divas that draw all eyes with their exceptional charisma. With their graphic split-level dials creating a depth effect, numerals and appliques converging towards the centre, decorated lugs, trompe l’oeil style case designs midway between a circle and a tonneau or barrel shape, they offer an entertaining new take on the brand identity codes, imbued with a blend of virtuosity and poetry.

La Monégasque

Roger Dubuis − La Monégasque

The new La Monégasque collection is a perfectly balanced display of strength, swagger, and temperament.

King Square

Roger Dubuis − King Square

The flying tourbillon is ROGER DUBUIS’s trademark. Housed in a KINGSQUARE case, it asserts its presence in a particularly striking way.

Easy Diver

Roger Dubuis − Easy Diver

The Easy Diver collection is defined by its potent, athletic looks and its technical acumen.


Roger Dubuis − Pulsion

The models in the Pulsion watch collection are distinguished by an absolutely unique sapphire crystal. It is screwed down and extends over the sides of the case to serve as a bezel, with numerals engraved beneath the crystal and enhanced with a luminescent material. Pulsion timepieces combine a dynamic touch and the strength expected from models built for action, with the revealed complexity of contemporary Haute Horlogerie.

Since the beginning of this century TAG Heuer has provided timing equipment for many important international sports events. Functionality with no compromises, innovative design and technical excellence have established this brand in the tough and demanding sports watch market.

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Formula 1

TAG Heuer − Formula 1

Young, colorful and very much in demand: that’s the Formula 1 series from TAG Heuer. A watch family that combines youthful dynamism with the precision of motor racing at the highest level.


TAG Heuer − Aquaracer

Inspired by the exacting demands for maximum precision in diving and sailing, the Aquaracer is a sports watch line that uniquely combines high tech with convincing design. The Aquaracer 500M is water-resistance to 500 metres.


TAG Heuer − Carrera

The legendary Carrera Panamerica road race, held in Mexico in the 1950s, attracted many of motor racing’s greatest figures. In 1964, as a tribute to this unique adventure, TAG Heuer launched the Carrera chronograph, a timepiece that seamlessly combines elegance and sporting spirit. The updated model has lost none of its exquisitely stated legance and perfectly mirrors an outstanding epoch when racing drivers were, first and foremost, still gentlemen.


TAG Heuer − Monaco

In 1969, as a sign of respect for one of the toughest Grand Prix circuits on the F1 tour, TAG Heuer unveiled a chronograph with a striking design: the square, water-resistant case – a new feature in the history of watchmaking – conceals the Chronomatic movement, the first automatic chronograph movement equipped with a micro rotor. To this day, the Monaco has remained one of the most unusual watches available and eloquently expresses the avantgarde spirit running through everything TAG Heuer does.

Tissot, with its signature ‘Innovators by Tradition’, has been pioneering craftsmanship and innovation since its foundation in 1853. Today Tissot is a member of the Swatch Group, the world’s largest watch producer and distributor. For over 155 years the company has had its home in the Swiss watch making town of Le Locle in the Jura mountains but now also has a presence in over 150 countries.

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Many special occasions represent double celebrations – engagements, marriages, wedding anniversaries, joint birthday parties. With the Tissot T-One timepieces, the leading Swiss watchmaker finally solves the issue of finding a gift that brings equal pleasure to both individuals involved. This elegant timepiece is available in a lady and a gent version, providing the perfect pair of ‘his and hers’ presents for happy couples everywhere.


Tissot − Couturier

Made-to-measure with the Tissot Couturier collection, which takes the concept of personalisation to a new level by offering five different movements! Not to mention the trendy eye-catching, elegant finishing in black or fancy pink PVD.


Tissot − Dressport

The Tissot Dressport Chronograph has a stainless steel case, a mother of pearl dial with date display, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and a black leather Armand.


Tissot − Racing-Touch

The Racing-Touch is designed for a broad range of sports activities. It has a chronograph, a logbook that memorises results and personal data, a dual time-zone display, two alarms, back-lighting, tide calculator and compass, all available at a touch on the glass.


Tissot − T-Race

From the design right through to the choice of lightweight and robust materials, every last detail of this new high-tech chronograph is reminiscent of cycling and motorbiking – the sports that Tissot is sponsoring as official timekeeper for the world championships.



The Tissot Tradition family gives ultra-modern watchmaking a justified hint of nostalgia, giving today’s technology a vintage-style design signature. High-tech operation is perfectly balanced with classical details and subtle vintage-look finishes. These are complemented by design elements such as guilloche decoration and a gently curved case. The Tissot Tradition promises wearers endless hours of precision with sustainable good looks.


Tissot − T-TOUCH II

The latest generation of Touch Technology equips the core models of this collection which is highly demanded with some great high-tech equipment. Rubbing shoulders with professional sports instruments in terms of functionality, the Tissot T-Touch II combines stylish design with excellent performance.

T-Touch Lady

Tissot − T-Touch Lady

The Tissot T-Touch Lady mastered every situation, whether in city life or leisure. Functionality that is activated by a touch, presented in high style with high-tech materials.


Tissot − CERA

The Tissot Cera is a black and white line reminiscent of ebony and ivory piano-keys with sultry black and innocent white elements. Ceramic bezels and bracelet links surround a choice of square or round dial with an optical-illusion effect.



Generosi-T by Tissot is a watch of contrasts. Its design declares simplicity, while its components and materials are precious and technologically advanced. It is essentially a rectangular watch – yet its case reveals shapely curves. And with Generosi-T, extravagance and understatement go hand-in-hand as some models with diamonds on the case or on the dial tease the eye.



Women who like their personal style to have distinctly elegant accents will love the possibilities offered by the Tissot T-Evocation. The watches commute smoothly between roles as a watch and a piece of jewellery with their distinctive bracelet-like form. These watches are the ideal accomplices for chic eveningwear or tailored business attire.

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The TUDOR collection achieves a delicate balance between elegance and performance. TUDOR has brought elegance into its own as an expression of style and personality. Watches are inspired by the retro chic design of the 1950s and 1960s. Classic refinement with a modern twist, where attention to detail and clean lines emphasize timeless style. Performance is an expression of state-of-the-art technology dedicated to total reliability and evokes the excitement that springs from a passion for speed. The latter inspired the development of the chronograph watches that have always been at the heart of the TUDOR collection.

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Victorinox Swiss Army watches are available only at our Lucerne store.

The watch popular with young people.
Swatch watches are available in our stores in Genève and Luzern.

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